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Wickeez Original Diaper

We are proud to offer Wickeez, our revolutionary cloth diaper. This diaper is a super soft & cuddly, amazingly absorbent, and fabulously-fast-drying cloth diaper for your baby and you.

Wickeez is a cloth diaper that is made from a specialized polyester fabric that affords maximum comfort, while it wicks moisture away from the baby. Made of a fluffy two-layer body, plus a one layer internal booster, this cuddly diaper remains soft and comfy wash after wash, even when washed in hard water.

Why NOT Cotton?

This is the question we had about sportswear. The answer is this: Cotton absorbs wetness, but then holds on to the moisture, as well as bacteria, in its fibers. The aim of sportswear is to wick the moisture away from the body as quickly as possible. Wickeez fabric is actually more absorbent than cotton. Plus, its fibers resist the growth of bacteria, an added plus for cloth diapers.

Fast Drying, Too!!

Another benefit of Wickeez is that it dries in record time. It is practically dry when it comes out of the washer’s spin cycle. Because of this Wickeez is the quickest drying diaper of its absorbency available. Therefore, you will save electricity, time, and money. This diaper is so fast-drying, you may prefer to line dry in the sun! This is a GREAT choice for those who don’t have an electric dryer.

Great For EC

This is also a terrific EC (elimination communication) diaper. Because it is not waterproof, you and your baby can learn the natural rhythm of elimination. If you prefer to keep wetness contained, then you might decide to choose from our selection of covers.

Care Instructions

Using cloth diapers requires a little TLC. We offer you some information and guidelines to follow when caring for your Wickeez diapers.



Size 0 (Newborn) were specifically designed to fit newborn babies. This size will fit most babies from 5-16 pounds.

Size 1 (Infant) will fit most infants weighing 8-28 pounds. This diaper size may fit your child until potty training.

Size 2 (Toddler) was designed for larger babies and toddlers. To accommodate the heavier wetter, Size 2 has a sewn in tongue soaker/doubler. This size should fit most babies/toddlers who are 20-40 pounds.

MSRP: $12.50 EACH