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Wickeez Doublers

Wickeez Original Doublers

Wickeez Bamboo Doublers

What Are Wickeez Doublers?

Wickeez Original Doublers

These thirsty doublers are made of two layers of Wickeez amazing stay dry fabric. They can be used inside any cloth diapering system in order to create a stay dry diaper as well as adding absorbency. They can also be used inside pocket diapers as extra stuffing.
MSRP: $2.00 EACH

Wickeez Bamboo Doublers

Wickeez Bamboo Doublers are made of two layers of bamboo terry with one layer of Wickeez stay dry fabric in between. These doublers are ideal for parents who want only natural fibers touching their baby. The layer of Wickeez fabric adds extra absorbency as well as a little wicking action. Only 100% bamboo touches your baby. This bamboo terry is woven onto a polyester backing for durability. The overall construction of the fabric is 90%/10% bambooo/polyester.
MSRP: $3.00 EACH

Wickeez Doublers Sizes:

Size 0 (Newborn)
Size 1 (Infant)
Size 2 (Toddler)