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Wickeez Bamboo Diaper

What Are The Benefits of Bamboo Fabric for Cloth Diapers?

  • Bamboo is the perfect natural fiber for diapers, making Wickeez Bamboo a great choice for your baby and the environment.
    • Bamboo is an extremely absorbent natural fiber, absorbing up to 60% more moisture than cotton.
    • It is antimicrobial, so it retards the growth of bacteria and yeast more than do other natural fibers.
    • It has a short growth cycle, so is a very renewable resource. Bamboo is known to grow up to 4 feet in one day. Therefore, the use of chemical fertilizers is not necessary.
    • It is naturally pest resistant, so chemical pesticides and herbicides are not used.
    • Because it needs no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, nor herbicides, bamboo is naturally organic.
    • Bamboo is highly biodegradable, making it a great environmental choice.
    • Bamboo is a very soft natural fiber, the softest natural fiber available for cloth diapers. It remains softer than other natural fibers, such as cotton and hemp, wash after wash.
    • Bamboo is breathable and cool.