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Wickeez Bamboo Diaper

What Are Wickeez Bamboo Diapers?

For those parents who prefer natural fibers, Wickeez has created a bamboo diaper that combines the high tech fabric of Wickeez original diapers with the natural goodness of organically grown bamboo.

How did Wickeez do this?

  • They "sandwiched" a layer of Wickeez fabric between two layers of organically grown bamboo terry.
  • Each diaper includes a booster doubler that also "sandwiches" a layer of Wickeez fabric between two layers of bamboo. .
  • There are 6 layers of absorbency in each diaper. Wickeez Bamboo can be as trim as you like by removing the extra doubler, or can be used with any number of doublers for heavy wetting babes, overnight, long car rides, and naps.
  • The bamboo fabric is made of 100% bamboo terry woven onto a polyester core. This enhances the durability of the fabric. The overall composition of the fabric is 90% bamboo, 10% polyester. Only 100% bamboo touches your baby’s skin.
Why Use Wickeez Bamboo?

  • Each diaper incorporates a layer of Wickeez original stay dry fabric between two layers of bamboo, such that they are more absorbent, wick away moisture, and dry more quickly than most natural fiber diapers of similar construction.
  • Bamboo is the perfect natural fiber for diapers, making Wickeez Bamboo a great choice for your baby and the environment. See Benefits of Bamboo for Cloth Diapers .
  • Wickeez Bamboo can be as trim as you like, or can be used with any number of doublers for heavy wetting babes, overnight, long car rides, and naps.
  • Wickeez Bamboo diapers are an excellent nighttime diaper as bamboo is very absorbent and antibacterial.

Size 0 (Newborn) were specifically designed to fit newborn babies. This size will fit most babies from 5-16 pounds.

Size 1 (Infant) will fit most infants weighing 8-28 pounds. This diaper size may fit your child until potty training.

Size 2 (Toddler) was designed for larger babies and toddlers. This size should fit most babies/toddlers who are 20-40 pounds.

Do Wickeez Bamboo Require a Cover?

Yes, Wickeez Bamboo diapers require a cover. You will need to use a cover in order to contain wetness. Wickeez recommends snug fitting wraps in order to achieve maximum leakage protection. However, you can use covers of any type with Wickeez Bamboo.

How Do I Wash Wickeez Bamboo Diapers?

Initially, you will want to wash Wickeez Bamboo two to three times on hot to remove the oils naturally present in the fibers. Your Wickeez Bamboo diapers will reach maximum absorbency after about 6 or so washings, but you don't need to do all six washings before the first use. Two or three hot water washes without detergent will remove the natural oils and prep your Wickeez Bamboo diapers for use.

Once you have begun to use your Wickeez Bamboo, you will want to establish a normal wash routine. Wickeez recommends the same wash routine and care instructions for all diapers, regardless of the fiber from which they are made. Our wash routine is to be used as a guideline. You will find what works best for you, your water type, and your washer/dryer capability.

Care Instructions

Using cloth diapers requires a little TLC. We offer you some information and guidelines to follow when caring for your Wickeez diapers.


MSRP: $13.50 EACH