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We are proud to offer Wickeez, our revolutionary new cloth diaper. This diaper is a super soft & cuddly, amazingly absorbent, and fabulously-fast-drying cloth diaper for your baby and you.

Wickeez is a cloth diaper that is made from a specialized polyester fabric that affords maximum comfort, while it wicks moisture away from the baby. Made of a fluffy two-layer body, plus a one layer internal booster, this cuddly diaper remains soft and comfy wash after wash, even when washed in hard water.


  • Twice as absorbent as cotton.
  • Forever Soft (wash after wash)
  • Fast Drying
  • Antibacterial
  • Stay Dry

Wickeez fabric is made out of a specialized hydrophilic polyester.  Hydrophilic means “water-loving”.  So this fabric absorbs water.  In fact, the Wickeez fabric has been tested to absorb about twice as much liquid as cotton. 

However, it does this differently than cotton.  Cotton absorbs water into its fibers, where it holds onto it.  So, when your baby urinates into cotton, the urine is held close to your baby’s body.  While cotton holds this urine within its fibers, bacteria can start to grow. 

Wickeez fabric absorbs liquid through its fibers, trapping the moisture in the gaps between fibers, rather than within the fibers.  This is one of the reasons why Wickeez are antibacterial.  It is also why these diapers are so fast drying.  When they are spun inside your washing machine, the water easily flows from the fabric, unlike natural fibers, like cotton, bamboo, and hemp, which tightly hold on to their moisture.  They come out of the washer nearly dry.  They air dry quickly and machine dry in minutes.


From the Bottoms Up

The special way in which this fabric absorbs liquid is also what allows Wickeez to keep moisture away from your baby’s bottom.  As liquid enters the fabric, it is quickly wicked away from the source, your baby.  This occurs so efficiently that if you choose not to use a cover with this diaper, you might notice a puddle where your baby is sitting. 

That is why Wickeez recommends using a snug fitting cover or wrap over your Wickeez diapers.  This way, the liquid will be wicked away form the baby down to the cover, where the diaper will absorb from the “bottom up” so to speak.  Because most of the moisture will be absorbed from the outer layers of the diapers to the inner layers, you baby won’t feel the wetness until the diaper is saturated.

forever soft

Unlike many cotton diapers, Wickeez remain forever soft.  This is because polyester is extremely durable, and the fleecy fluff will remain soft wash after wash, even in hard water.  Wickeez  is currently the softest diaper available and remains so even after experiencing the rigors of heavy duty laundering.

caring for wickeez

Because Wickeez are made out of this very special polyester fabric, you will want to be careful in how you wash and dry your diapers.  Yes, they are durable enough to withstand heavy duty washing and drying, even on high heat.  Nevertheless,  all diapers that are made with stay dry materials like microfleece, suedecloth, and Wickeez fabric  can experience coating, which will lead to repelling and leaking. 

Therefore, Wickeez recommends that you AVOID the following:

1.       Never use fabric softeners.  Liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets both leave a waxy residue on diapers.  This will cause Wickeez diapers, as well as all other stay dry diapers, to repel urine.  This will also reduce the absorbency of cotton and other natural fiber diapers.  Fabric softener can come in many forms and “disguises”

a.        Many detergents contain fabric softeners, but they usually state so on the bottle, which makes it easy to avoid using them.

b.       Many “baby detergents” contain fabric softeners.  You should avoid these.  Examples include:  Dreft, Baby All, Ivory Snow, Baby Purex.

c.        Dryer sheets can coat your dryer, which will transfer to your diapers.  It is possible that even if you are using dryer sheets for clothing and not diapers that the waxy coating left behind on the inside of your dryer can transfer to your Wickeez diapers.  If you want to use dryer sheets, then we recommend that you line dry your Wickeez diapers.  Only dry Wickeez in a dryer that does not see dryer sheets.


2.       Avoid all FREE and CLEAR detergents.  Too many of them contain ingredients that coat diapers. 

3.       Avoid natural soaps, which are often made with oils.  They will leave a residue on the fleece.  Examples include:  7th Generation, Bio-Kleen, Dr. Bronners Soap.

4.       Avoid the use of diaper rash creams that directly contact your diapers.  If you need to use diaper creams, use a disposable liner or washcloth between your baby’s bottom and the Wickeez diaper.



For detailed information about how to wash your new Wickeez Diapers, please visit the Wickeez website at www.wickeez.com .

The following wash routine is recommended for all types of cloth diapers, but geared specifically for special fabrics like Wickeez.


Dry Pail Your Dirties

Keep your dirty diapers in a dry pail.  Extended exposure to water allows bacteria and other micro flora, as well as ammonia to proliferate, which can effect your diaper fibers.  Wet pails create a smelly mess, plus they are a potential drowning danger to young toddlers.

Wet diapers and those soiled with breast milk poop can be tossed into a dry pail as they are.  Solid stool can be plopped off into your toilet, and any fecal residue will easily come clean in the wash.  Large, soft stools that don’t easily plop off the diaper should still be removed either with a mini shower,  a dunk in the toilet, or be allowed to dry until it can be plopped off into the toilet.

Cold Rinse, Hot Wash, Cold Rinse

·         Rinse away the bulk of your dirty diaper debris with an initial cold water rinse, no detergent added.  This will remove most of the urine and other debris without “baking in” any odors.

·         Wash on HOT.  Hot water cleans better and disinfects your diapers.  Set your washer to its highest water level, strongest agitation, and longest time setting.  This is a heavy duty wash!!  Add your detergent in this step.

·         Follow with a cold water rinse. You may need to do an extra rinse if you still see suds in the water.


 A Note About Detergent

Avoid using too much detergent.  We recommend allowing your washer to completely fill and begin agitating before you add your detergent.  Start with ½ teaspoon at a time until you see a small amount of suds form.  At this point, you have added enough detergent.  You will be surprise how little detergent you really need.

Wickeez recommends the use of detergents that rinse clean, without leaving residues.  We have had good experiences with the following:

·         Charlie’s Soap

·         Sensiclean

·         Tide (Regular formula, NOT free and clear or fabric softener versions)

·         Shaklee Laundry Concentrate





















April, 2007